The Cheese Block - A Loyalty Rewards Program

What is The Cheese Block?

At Ratbastard Supply Co. we appreciate everyone who rocks with our brand. We believe that a strong community of individuals promoting each others passions and goals is essential to a happy and productive lifestyle. We want to reward those who engage with us and share our vision in promoting an inclusive community where ideas can be exchanged in a positive way.

That is why we created The Cheese Block.

How does it work?

Using the "Rewards" button on the bottom right hand side of your screen you can quickly sign up for The Cheese Block rewards program. Through this program you can earn and redeem your Cheese Chunks (Ratbastard's rewards points) in a variety of different ways. For example you can earn Cheese Chunks by engaging with Ratbastard on social media, purchasing merchandise, celebrating your birthday and even for just signing up for The Cheese Block. Redeem your Cheese Chunks for discounts on future purchases and occasionally for free merchandise! More details about earning and redeeming Cheese Chunks are located in the rewards tab.