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We at Ratbastard Supply Co. wanted to give our community a chance to interact first hand with one another to continue spreading our vision. Within the Rat Pack Community Page you'll find all fellow dream chasers sharing their content and interacting with one another on multiple media platforms.

Through this page we will also be sending out competitions, giveaways, discounts and organizing community events for our valued members.


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Our goal is to build a worldwide community with one common interest DREAMS. We currently have a global footprint but are striving to reach a larger scale and inspire as many people as possible to pursue their dreams and passions. Ultimatley unlocking their true potential.

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Our Vision

We are aware of one fundamental driver behind societies throughout our world that being money (cheese). Which creates a false sense of reality for many individuals, we are manipulated into thinking that the only way to reach happiness & success is through obtaining large amounts of cheese which simply is not the case. Happiness should always be the North Star which is reached by chasing your true passions, desires, and ambitions. We aim to use our creative imaginations and our acquired drive to help others realize their true potential.